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To best answer this question you will have to know me a little bit better. Well, I’m Kells and I work a full-time job in the graphics department of a print shop. I am married with three kids and I stream on Mixer five days a week. So it is safe to say it’s not because I have a bunch of free time.

As we head into 2018 I want to turn some new leafs. I’m not looking to change who I am but more so challenge myself. When it comes to reading and writing I struggled my whole life. I have dyslexia and it makes reading to the to the point it wasn’t fun.

Another reason is I’m the kind of person that don’t take risks. I play it safe with everything in life. As this has it benefits it also comes with many drawbacks. I sit and think about the what-ifs. What if I did this or did that.

So back to the question, Why Blog? When I was a part of the Four Dorksmen Podcast we had to write a blog a week. I found these blogs to be therapeutic. No seriously the next time you are mad open a notepad and vent. Rather someone reads it or not it feels good to just let go. This will also help with my dyslexia but most of all it allows me to connect with people.

So what can you expect from these blogs besides grammar errors and run on sentences? I want to give people a new view. I don’t plan to change your thoughts and opinions but more so give you a different look. The plan is to do one a week but as things come to mind I’m just going to start writing. I set up a bunch of categories that we will be covering from interviews to rants.

If you have questions about a blog or have an idea for a blog please reach out to me on my Discord

Until we meet again,

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