Streamer Depression

Where I was:

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I was going through what I like to call Streamer Depression. One thing you have to understand about me is I’m an over-thinker. I tend to make up scenarios in my head and start to believe they are true. So when this happens I found the best solution for me is to reach out to someone and talk. Believe it or not, you are not alone. Most streamers go through ups and down with streaming so reaching out to another streamer you are close to will help get a different perspective.

To add to that I was getting burnt out. For the last year plus I have worked a full-time job, three kids and putting in a lot of hours into streaming. These hours were more into helping others then it was on my stream. I would come home from work, make dinner and would be working on something for someone till it was time to stream. We would stream then I would go to bed. I love to help others but I was lighting the candle at both ends.

Lastly the small stuff. I can not find a game that I can sit and enjoy for a long period of time and this makes it hard to stream. Then my chair. It was so comfortable when I got it but over time I cant get comfortable. My butt goes numb and then I would get fidgety. Adding those two elements together it would be hard for me to do a 3-hour stream.

Where I am now:

First thing I did was reached out to my Partner Manager and got some really good advice. We set up different plans to help me get back on track. I also reached out to friends like I said and it helped me develop the foundation of our return. I switched from the chair back to the DX-Lazyboy.

I had to make some changes to reduce the stress so I can focus on our stream. We left all of our team except Crossing Streams. With our focus on our channel, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with other teams. So instead of letting it go bad, I wanted to reach out to them so they knew what our plans are. They were super supportive in this.

I talked with Token and we will no longer be doing Xstream Makeover or any art for that matter. It takes an hour or so to do someone panels and that’s the most basic. I have done some that have taken up to three months. As I love to help people and build these relationships with them its time that I can use to put into something else.

We eliminated all the crazy things on stream with interactive and different elements that would break. I figure if I eliminated as much as I could it would make the thing run smoother. It now takes me five minutes to set up to stream when before it would be thirty plus minutes. This allows me to come home and relax before streaming.

Where we are headed:

What I always liked about streaming is the freedom to make content. Yes, the platforms we have today revolve around gaming but I’m wanting to push it to different levels. Our move to Mixer was because of many reasons but the one that moved me the most is the fact it is always progressing. Rather you see it or not Mixer puts in a lot of hours. If things are breaking understand that is because they are working on something. I feel that streaming will one day take over cable, may not be in my lifetime. The reasons I feel this way is tv shows try to bring in that interactivity to their shows. Rather its call to vote, Twitter polls or texting in they know that when you have the viewer interact and control the outcome it brings people in. These shows have to resort to a third-party application to achieve this where Mixer has it built right in.

We are working on a new web show called Random Rants. This is a web show where we will discuss different topics around the nerd universe with the involvement of interactives. This show will be Cohosted by TokenParents and me with the help of two guests each week. We want the first show to air next week.

The next show we are working on is Tinty and Kells: Treasure Hunters. This show will only be on YouTube. My youngest son (Tinty) has always wanted to do YouTube. This is a great opportunity for us to bond and for him to get his feet wet into YouTube. The series will be about his adventure in metal detecting. We also will be doing some Geocaching along the way.

I’m working on a new show that will involve making vape juice. Undecided if this is something I want to do on Mixer or on YouTube. I have talked with Mixed about it and it is ok to do but I’m not sure if its something I really want to be associated with our Mixer channel. Let me know what you guys think; Mixer or YouTube…. Or both lol

Lastly, I have been Disc Golfing since I 12 years old. Now that doesn’t mean I’m very good at it but I want to get out and do more this summer. Last year we only went out once. So weather permitting Sunday mornings we will take you guys with us as we go Disc Golfing. Even if you don’t know the sport we will help you to better understand it and you guys can share in on our frustration with many bad throws.

Throughout the week we will still be playing games but the weekends are going to be more IRL. In the past making this kind of moves scared me. It scared me because this kind of things goes against the grain on Mixer. I know we may not get the numbers but I’m ok with that. For me to help evolve Mixer to become a place for entertainment I have to take these risks. With the right promotions behind it, we will start to get new people onto the platform that may have never thought about coming here.

We love you guys and thank you for always being there. If it wasn’t for you none of this would be possible.


I know I use “I” and “me” a lot in the post when Mrs. Kells and I are a team. That is because these issues were about me. Mrs. Kells has been a major help in all this. She is always super supportive and has been the person I vent to the most. I can’t thank her enough for being a great wife and my best friend (Sorry Token).

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