Episode 1: Pilot

Finkle has made good friends with Jesse “The Body” Ventura even tho it seems to get him into more trouble. For the most part, Finkle keeps to himself. Works odd jobs as a miner and doing some reporting. Jesse is trying to convince him there are aliens in this city but Finkle is not buying it. He goes along with it because Jesse is overly passionate about it.

The reason he came to this city was to start fresh after spending 10 years in prison. We found this out after a talk with a guy named Billy at the Tallahassee garage. As of now the details of why he was in prison has not been discussed. Finkle has established himself a bit. He now is renting a house and has his own car. Barley making ends meat Finkle is depressed because this is not the life he used to.

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