Crazy JusticeTM – Cross-Play shot, 4K and HDR support

Crazy Justice is coming with 4K & HDR support on Xbox One X, Play Station 4 Pro and PC, meanwhile the developers, Black Riddles Studios has revealed a new Cross-Play shot, where Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players are playing together. Pre-order is still live on and for a limited time for just 15 USD (12 EUR)! The games arrives with 23 selectable heroes, customizable skills decks, 60FPS, Motion Control with splitscreen, Battle Royale (against AI as well), Battle Skill Royale and many other multiplayer modes. 100 players can play together on the platforms meanwhile it supports Cross-Play (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC) as optional features.

Touchscreen, 60FPS on Nintendo Switch (gameplay footage):

– Building/upgrading system
– Destructible environment
– Battle Royale mode
– Cross-Play support
– 20 selectable heroes
– Climbing system
– Motion Control support (on Nintendo Switch)
– HD Rumble (on Nintendo Switch)
– Splitscreen support (up to 4 players in story mode and 2 players mode in multiplayer)
– Cover and hiding system
– Customizable Skill Deck (which specify the character’s behavior)

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