Emergency! Emergency! City Patrol – please take over

City Patrol: Police: a team without limits

Their territory: The tough urban streets

Their missions: Dangerous, fast and challenging

Their vehicles: High powered and fast

Their stake: Life and death

Toplitz Productions proudly presents “City Patrol: Police” – a thrilling and action-packed simulation game. Protect and serve and ensure law and order!
Get ready for this exciting adventure in your own police precinct: the city’s streets and highways packed with action 24 hours a day!

Featuring story-driven gameplay, City Patrol takes you through an electrifying storyline, from mission to mission and includes pure racing action in a diversified setting, with thrilling car chases on city streets and highways. Choosing a vehicle is critical to completing missions as speed and power do not always guarantee you will win the car chase! You can pick your vehicle from a huge motor pool each with its own special features.

Keep cool under fire, match wits with thugs and feel the speed – that’s your key to success in City Patrol: Police!

City Patrol: Police will soon be available as Early Access Game on Steam: 

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