Tonight We Get Back Into MCRP – GTA 5 RP

Tonight we get back into the world of MCRP for more shenanigans. We will be live at 7 pm Eastern on

WARNING: Reading below cannot be used to metagame or use in any RP situation that you were not a part of. This was written with the intent to inform my community of things that have taken place.


What you may have missed.
A little backstory for those that may have missed it. Finkle J. Money had to go into hiding because of his gambling habits which caused him to relocate and hide his identity. Now going by the name Henery McDouglas but everyone calls him Doug.

Doug was able to sell off everything he had to get a fresh start in a new town and has a beautiful new house a few cars and a dog named Wally. Only knowing how to sell drugs and stories to the newspaper Doug tried a career in Real Estate. As the pay was good Doug just couldn’t do it with the long hours.

One night at the Unicorn he runs into his old friend Macho man where finds out that Macho runs the strip club. Looking for a way out of selling houses Doug asks to be Macho’s bodyguard. After some negotiating on pay Macho adds Doug to the payroll as a bartender to cover what Doug will really be doing.

Macho can handle himself ok so he starts to have Doug run drugs for him. This is not what Doug wants at all. He escaped this life once and is not wanting to head where he was going in the past but end up doing it because the pay is good. Seeing how easy the money was flowing for Macho in the drug business Doug decides to run some for himself.

Money was coming in and all looked good until Doug got into a fight with a local nudist colony. They ended up pushing Doug off the side of a cliff where he was stuck until the police department showed up. This is where Doug met Officer Brady who helped him down the cliff. Officer Brady says he was going to lock Doug up for possession of a firearm but after Doug showed him his firearm license then Officer Brady started to pin new charges onto Doug but tells him he can get out of it for the right price.

Knowing that Officer Brady is a dirty cop Doug fills in Macho Man. Doug has the idea to get Officer Brady onto Macho’s payroll for the police department to look the other way with Macho’s illegal activity. So thinking its best if Doug me with Officer Brady to feel out the situation, Doug tweets out to Brady to meet him at the Taquil La La.

Meeting in the VIP section of the basement Doug explains what he needs keeping Macho’s name out of it. Officer Bady seams that he is on board with it as another officer kicks in the door with his gun drawn. Thinking he was set up by Officer Brady Doug learns the other officer is trying to pin a double homicide on him and Amanda. Amanda is Macho’s lady interest, not to sure if they are dating but what we do know is they get busy in bed according to Macho. Doug able to talk his way out of the murders gets hit with a noise ordinance citation. Explaining to the police that he does not own or operate the bar that the charge was bogus. He tells them to leave it on the bar.

Looking back at the last few weeks has Doug rethinking his life choices. Not sure if working for the Macho Man is for him but also does not want to let go the only friend he has in this city.

Tune in tonight as the story continues!

Why this server?
Well as we got a few offers to join other server and we are grateful for that but I chose this one for our new home. The main reason is two of my good friends play here. This helps with making good RP. The other reason is it’s a fresh server with great admins. 

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