Coffee Crisis || Out On Xbox One Today


Mega Cat Studios is releasing their vintage action co-op beat’em’up Coffee Crisis on Xbox One today. The game is already available on Sega Genesis (cartridge only), PC, Mac and Linux.

August 31-September 3rd
Coffee Crisis is being showcased at PAX West
Meet the team at our booth

Coffee Crisis is a local-cooperative pixel-art action brawler set in the city of Pittsburgh. Take on the role of baristas Nick and Ashley and hit the streets to kick the ass of alien invaders. Don’t let them take our most precious resources: coffee, heavy metal, and Wi-Fi!
“Is there somebody on Earth who wouldn’t love to smash a greedy alien face while listening to heavy metal?”, asks Zack Manko, Lead Cat at Mega Cat Studios. “Bringing Coffee Crisis to Xbox One is a goal we are very proud of achieving”.

Coffee Crisis features hand drawn sprites, destructible environmental items, and a rogue-inspired Death Metal mode with over 50 modifiers. Take advantage of the custom Twitch & Mixer integrations that allow viewers to help the streamer, hurt the streamer, or just make each stream more Metal.


Key Facts and Features

  • Ten Levels of Smurglian Smashing Goodness
  • Gorgeous hand-drawn sprites and environments
  • Local co-op to fight aliens with friends
  • Twitch & Mixer Integration
  • Available on Sega Genesis (cartridge only), PC, Mac and Linux
  • Coming soon to Nintendo Switch

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